We did not include blades. They were $5 extra.

We now include them as standard.



Hot chips, small soft drink (12oz cup), choice of either cherrios, or party pies or party sausage rolls. Potato chips & lollies on the table. We also supply  bottomless cold water at the table. We only serve the best quality foods by Hans and Mrs Macs and it is worth noting that our cherrios although really tasty, are in fact gluten free. Our hot chips are A grade and cooked in pure Sunola Oil.



Birthday song, dance & announcement. This is done by the DJ out on the skating floor and makes your child feel like the VIP they are. We also have some fun and do the “Chicken Dance” with them.



A Hostess looks after the parties (This may be shared depending on other bookings & numbers). She will run all aspects of the party and ensure your child and all guests are well looked after.



Supply all cups, napkins, placemats etc.


Check all your guests in on arrival, leaving you free to enjoy the party & best of all we do all clean up once the party is over.


We have Nestlé ice cream cakes available for $20. You are welcome to bring a cake & candles of your own. We provide sparklers and do a cake cutting and serving at the birthday table. If you would like further information, please call us on 3282 4804. A $40 deposit is required to confirm your booking, this can be done over the phone or in person at the rink.


Please note

Parties are suitable for all children 1 & over as we now have a play area for toddlers who either don't skate or wish to do a mix of both. Please Note: Non skating parents are admitted free but all children (skating or not) are charged admission and hire if required. Parents and adults or siblings who wish to skate that are not included as guests of the party, pay the normal admission (skate/blade hire will be included) . Party Sessions are as Follows:  Saturday 10am to 12pm and 12.30pm to 2.30pm. There is also a session on Sunday afternoon which runs from 12pm to 2pm.  Parties are available at our  night time sessions, Friday and Saturday nights (These run for an extra half hour).


Friday nights are 7.00pm to 9pm, it is mainly teenagers and young adults that skate as it is our top 40 night. It would be an extra $2 per head as the session goes for 2 ½ hrs and the day sessions run for 2hrs.


Saturday nights are also 2  hours and start at 7pm till 9pm.

 Bookings are required at least one week prior to the party.